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moody boy in a suit

Schuldig woke on time, but later than the others, as late as he could.
He knew they were supposed to spend more time in the offices of the idiots.  He was responsible for something about guest screening during the day's meetings.
"Pathetic waste of my time!" he announced to the kitchen over his coffee, then affixed the cup to his face and sulked.  One arm wrapped around his middle, his foot moved to draw a line over the linoleum and then he tapped over it, and back, and over it, and back.


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Aya had indeed slept in, and it had his teammates concerned, although no one was quite brave enough to actually go upstairs and check on him. He walked past them without a word when he did finally wake up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed down to open the shop-a whole two hours late.

He was met with choruses of protests from whiney schoolgirls, wanting to know why he was opening so late. </p>

"Hn," was the token response, until the constant fangirling took its inevitable toll, and a yell of, "buy something or get out!," could be heard all the way upstairs. Aya was irritable, and sore, and as soon as Yohji got his ass downstairs, he was heading out to visit his sister.

Schuldig works and eats and goes about his assigned tasks, and stays clear of the flower shop and the Weiss missions for a week, almost two. One night, however, he insinuates his voice into Aya's mind, checking to see if he sleeps or dreams.

Aya almost always dreams, and those seams are usually much closer to nightmares. Either about his sister, or the tormented faces of the targets he's killed, screaming and clawing at him while trying to drag him down into Hell with them. The redhead tells no one of his dreams, too afraid of getting sent for some sort of Kritiker run psych eval.

Tonight is no difference, Aya's mind a super active playground for someone like Schuldig.

Crawford is pissing him off every day with less to do and more "wait, be patient," Nagi's head is full of some fluffy lolita, Farf is working for the coming apocalypse as if it were, well, the apocalypse and that was fine with him; the Schwarz quarters are driving him outward, anywhere, but the job means he can't leave.
Schuldig visits Aya's dreams like a pent-up schoolboy vandal; he wants someone to know he's there but he's damned if he'll ask for attention, so he lurks, and he seethes, and he follows the swordsman through his nights like a faceless ghost.
He's not even going to give back the smirks he's earned, he's just along for the ride, watching, arms crossed, clothes torn by the same grasping hands and stained by the same rain of blood as Aya.

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It doesn't escape Aya's subconscious that he's no longer alone in his nightmares. The telepath is always there, always a witness to his inner demons, and it's actually making Aya feel a bit violated. The unrest builds until one evening, his subconscious decides to take issue, and call the other redhead out. In the midst of all the blood, and reaching hands, everything stops, and the scene goes dark. Aya turned to look at Schuldig, violet eyes both angry and perhaps a bit unsure.

"What are you doing in my dreams? Always in my head....what do you want!?"

Schuldig reaches up to remove the blank faceplate and tosses it aside with a shrug. Thin porcelain shatters in the darkness, and Schu waits for the sound to still before stepping forward, ruffling his hair, nose up, sniffing the imaginary air of Aya's dream theater.
"I'm not sure. What have you got?" Blue eyes twinkle, he's trying to be funny, but he looks tired. "I'm sorry for interrupting your.. whatever this is." He's smiling, but it slips down into the slightly mocking configuration. "Perhaps you brought me here?"
Perhaps he should check over his shoulder to see if Aya's subconscious is mounting a defense. Just a quick glance, then his eyes return to Aya. "I have got something you want, Weiss."

"Why would I bring you here? You're probably the last person I'd want in my damn dreams." The idea that his subconscious would call the telepath made Aya incredibly uncomfortable, and he dismissed it outright.

"You've been in my head since you watched kill all those men. This just continues with whatever fuckery it is that you're trying to accomplish." </p>

He noticed that the telepath looked tired, but Aya was the last person he's getting sympathy from-the Weiss redhead was just as fucking tired. His ears did perk up however, at that last thing the telepath said. "Something I want?," he raised an eyebrow, "and what would that be?"

Schuldig grinned, the hook was set again, and he lifted his arms overhead for a satisfying stretch. He let out a slow breath, nearly a rumble, and as he began to bring his arms down he blinked out of sight. "You want to know if this will all be worthwhile."
White sleeves descended around Aya's shoulders and Schu leaned on him from behind, chest to back. The last time he'd tried this move on Crawford the elbow to his sternum had been brutal, so he was on his toes and ready to spring back- dream world or no.
"I'm here to tell you there's a reason for all of it," his whisper was quiet and low, "keep it up, killer."

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At first, Aya was frozen to the spot, unable to react at first, from the shock of being that close to the telepath. That...intimate. It was Schuldig's voice that finally brought him around, and he shrugged out of the man's unwanted touch. Turning to face the other redhead, Aya scowled at him, trying to hide the fact that his heart was beating so fast.

"Why should I trust you? How do I know you're not just setting me up for some spectacular fall? You think you can mess with Weiss like you have, and I'll just take your fucking word on whatever it is you tell me?" His scowl deepened, "for all I know, you're just messing with my head because you're fucking bored, and want off the leash Oracle has you on."

Schuldig showed Aya his palms, not quite a shrug and not quite a show of being disarmed, both pointless in a dream world, "You're asking me questions? I'm probably a figment of your imagination, something you want in the night, dreamer."
He took a step in, eyes concentrating on Aya's mouth, his expression revealing some obvious deliberation was taking place and it just didn't suit Schuldig's features. The corner of his mouth quirked up, and he spoke again within thought, no need to move his lips or breathe as a projection within a dream. «What could I set you up for that was more spectacular than your own plan? Remind me, what's your outcome?» He'd insinuated himself closer yet, and his examination moved from Aya's mouth to his eyes. «Oh that's right, kill your way to Takatori or die trying, kill Takatori, and then what? Sister in a coma, family dead. Will you at least be fabulously wealthy?»

"I don't plan on coming out alive." It was said rather matter of factly, Aya meeting Schuldig's scrutinizing gaze rather boldly. "I already have it arranged for my sister to be well taken care of." She certainly couldn't see her brother like he was now, a killer, blood on his hands, whored out by an organization that used his want for vengeance to their own agenda. So why live in a world where, even if his sister did wake, he could never see her? Never tell her the truth..

Aya shook his head, and ran a nervous hand through his tousled hair, "I guess you'll have to find someone new to use as a toy." He smirked at that, gaze trailing up to Schuldig's again.

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Schuldig watched Aya explain himself and have a bit of a guilt flash. It appealed to him, and he reached toward the source to help himself to one of Aya's long scarlet strands, see if he could turn it between finger and thumb. «Enh, we'll see. Meanwhile is there anything on your 'to do before futile death' list that I can enjoy? You've almost gotten used to me so the 'stalked by mysterious stranger' thing doesn't seem normal. We're arguing, too, that's awfully familiar.»
Something occurred to him and his attention skipped back from Aya's hair to his eyes. «Did you like the buns?»

Despite his best efforts, Aya felt his cheeks flush as fingers curled through the hair that framed his face, Schuldig's knuckles brushing against his skin in the process. It was strangely intimate, and Aya really didn't know how to take it. His gaze met the telepath's again, and he actually laughed at that question. "They were good. No reason to lie about that."

There was a pause, before he shrugged. "I never really put much thought into what I wanted to do before I died. Never really had to before..." He looked up at Schuldig again, and smirked. "Any suggestions?"

He couldn't help himself, one moment he was solid and close, with all the affects of the living including breath and warmth and the next moment - Schuldig faded to a sheer mirage of himself in a pair of flannel pajama bottoms printed with singing, dancing onigiri and honest to god neon green lizard feet slippers. Laughing, a ghostly projection not anchored by weight to the dream zone's floor, he drifted through Aya and hesitated behind him. «Meet me for coffee tomorrow. Fuck it, it's hot, ice cream. July in Tokyo can kiss my ass. I can't sleep, nothing good to eat, slimy fucking cold noodles with pickled crap. Ice cream is okay, though.»
A ghostly hand passed through Aya's arm as Schu turned, drift control in dreamland a little unpredictable. «What? Oh. Lactose intolerant?» He looked idly curious but there was definitely an undercurrent of self-amused pride; long fingers rubbed across Schu's pale belly, then traveled up to scratch his shoulder.

Aya couldn't help but look at the telepath a bit incredulously. Not only were those pajamas ridiculous, but, " ice cream? Really? Is this some kind of warped date?" The thought occurred to Him that this was all just a nightmare turned crazy,so....did it really hurt to say yes?

"Alright, fine. I'll indulge you in...whatever kind of amusement this is giving you. Just..what time and where? There are plenty of ice cream places in Tokyo."

Teammates be damned. Aya could honestly give a fuck about his teammates currently.

Snickering, Schuldig gestured to the dreamscape around them, «Getting close and cuddly with an avatar created by your mind would be a warped date. Na, when the shop closes, if you don't have a mission, go four blocks over to the place that overlooks the soccer field. We'll make fun of the dumb one, he goes there sometimes to kick a ball around and fall down.» The deal made, he threw Aya a quick wink before looking down to consider his pajama pants, brushing at imaginary lint. «What? I have three freak roommates, and one is barely a teen. I sleep in clothes. You're naked right now or something?»

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A mental note was made if the destination, Aya also noting that, while he said it wasn't warped, he hadn't denied that it was a date. Clearly, Aya was thinking about this way too much. "Alright, I'll be there. "

That last question had Aya raising an eyebrow, arms crossed over his chest. "Honestly, what I sleep in, or don't sleep in is no one's business but my own. I was marveling at the slippers more than the pajamas." He chuckled, but it trailed off into a yawn, even his subconscious was tired apparently.

Schuldig threw Aya a peace sign over one eye, something the kids in fashion pictures do, and winked. «Ooh, tough guy. With his tough guy sleeping secrets. Na ja, we'll see.» He scuffed away in his stompy green slippers and vanished from Aya's dream.

The redhead's subconscious stood there for a while, staring at the space where Schuldig had been, obviously trying to make sense of what had just happened. He'd just accepted an ice cream date with Mastermind. Thoughts started to play through Aya's head, wondering if this made him some kind of traitor, and If it did, did jr really care? He'd never wanted to join an official group in the first place...

Aya's physical body tossed and turned with all this mental indecision, until it just gave out from sheer exhaustion and he finally fell into a dreamless sleep.

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