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Ice Cream
moody boy in a suit
Schuldig made it through another unremarkable day in harness, careful to watch Crawford for any sign that he should, for the sake of his team (or his health,) call off his ice cream social. Lack of disapproval was as good as he usually got, so he stepped out of the air conditioned tower with confidence- what's the worst that could happen, they sell you ice cream with plastic spoons, the Weiss boy wouldn't have his blades on him, would he? He slowed before crossing the street, looking both ways and stuffing his hands into his pockets before trotting into traffic. Aya wouldn't wear some kind of long coat, not in this weather, right? Hn. Or maybe he would. Oh, the turtleneck? Schuldig laughed to himself as he slid into a taxi. You can't hide a katana in a turtleneck- nothing to worry about.
The ride was brief and Schuldig didn't pay, sending the cabbie on his way with a happy thought. "To-ri-mi," he considered the sign and tried out the feel of the words. They didn't feel the same in his mouth as they did in the minds of those around him. Schuldig looked at the people inside, the few people on the street, realized he was different enough to make quite an impression and took a few precautions to make them forget him for a little while. "Privacy, ne."

[why? because.. kitties like birdies, ne?]

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Aya arrived after Schuldig, having almost been pulled into a mission, before Ken had decided to take it at the last minute. So, while Ken went off with Omi to plan, and strategize, Aya was off to socialize-with the enemy. He'd dressed in fairly normal clothes for the redhead, so he didn't attract too much attention when he walked into the place, not even his hair, which was odd.

He approached where Schuldig was sitting and smirked. "Is there a reason we're meeting in such a private corner?" Aya sat down, feeling for the most part largely unthreatened, although he wondered if perhaps he should be concerned about that.

Schuldig sat up straight from his relaxed lean and brushed his sleeves down, frowning slightly at Aya as he settled his elbows on the table. "Hello, how are you, it certainly is weather we're having, isn't it? Ja, thank you for noticing, and yours?" His chin forward, challenging, Schuldig slides a laminated menu across the table toward the other.

"Hm. I'm quite fine, thank you for asking." Aya accepted the menu, and let his eyes run over the options. He was pretty sure he already knew what he wanted, sweet bean, and green tea, one scoop of each, with chocolate sauce over both. "So, tell me, what do you fancy in ice cream?" It was bizarre to be having such a casual conversation with the telepath, his enemy, but Aya had already accepted the man's challenge, so he wasn't going to be backing down anytime soon. Aya wasn't so poor at playing this game after all.

Although he would like to know just what Schuldig was ultimately trying to achieve, or if he was just amusing himself for the time being.

Well that was insulting. Schuldig shrugged away the start of a scowl and leaned back in his seat, eyes on the tabletop between them. "In ice cream? My fingers. Someone else's penis." His fingers stroked the table, "I need a lot of.. tactile.. ah.. feely, grounding things."
He couldn't restrain himself any longer and shot Aya a narrow, considering look as his talent began actively filtering into his thoughts. «Are you expecting a fight?»

"I don't know what to expect, so therefore, I'm not expecting anything. Except for some ice cream perhaps." He chose not to comment on any of the telepath's ....unconventional ice cream accoutrements. That was a bit too much information, and not where he wanted his mind to be going. "I'm still not sure what you're after, talking to me like you are, lurking in my thoughts and dreams constantly, inviting me for ice cream." Aya shrugged.

"I guess I'm just curious to see where this interaction is going. Why? What were you expecting?"

Long fingers turned the menu around and around on the table, thinking face on, Schuldig glanced around to take in the other tables. "Probably a fight." He grinned then, self-amused, and sat up straight, "did you bring the big shiny butterknife?"
His mind is circling Aya's perceptions of the enemy, where he's been seen, and is his local employment known - he's fairly sure Weiss has never heard of Esset, but information gathering begins in earnest. Schuldig unbuttons his coat and prepares to drape it over the back of his chair.

Aya tsked softly, and rolled his eyes. "Does it look like I have my katana with me? It's kind of hard to hide Shion if you've got nothing but a t-shirt and jeans on. I really wasn't planning on trying to murder you in an ice cream shop." He waved his hand dismissively, " not my style." He can tell that Schuldig is digging around for information, and he tries his hardest to keep the telepath out of his head.

As fair as Weiss was concerned, it was becoming apparent that Kritiker was fighting against a fellow organization of some kind, they just hadn't been given the information as to who, or what, that organization was. It was also fairly obvious to Aya that Schwarz was working for that organization, or at least pretending to.

"Finding what you want to know?" He raised an eyebrow, letting his ice cream order filter prominently through his thoughts.

Schuldig let his hands come together and still, fingers lightly laced over the menu, "I'm surprised to find you don't want to stick anything in me." One shoulder lifted in a shrug, conceding, "I'm surprised that I'm disappointed," as he turned to catch the eye of the counter server. "A little. Maybe."

Their order was placed via radio-free-Schuldig; service staff certain they'd heard the cashier call for sweet bean and green tea in a chocolate sundae, and java sparrow in a cup, the cashier eyed their table, quite certain he recalled laughing at the tall foreigners inability to count his coins in change. Schuldig gave Aya a quick look and a smug smile before returning his attention to the menu on the tabletop, turning it slowly from side to side.

"I'm not going to explain to Kritiker why I was having ice cream with you when I suddenly decided to try and take you out myself. Not going to happen. You'll have to find another fantasy death by Abyssinian if that's how you want to go out. Or if you were thinking of smearing my dead body with ice cream, you're going to have to rethink that too. Sorry to ruin your fun."

Aya sat back in his chair, surveying the rest of the people eating ice cream that day under much more normal circumstances. He and his sister used to go for ice cream all the time, so this brought back some nostalgia, Schuldig aside.

Schuldig's grin widened, "Oh don't worry about me, I find abandoned fun here and there. Where people leave it, or lost it. Forgotten." He followed the familiar path of Aya's thoughts and as the dishes of ice cream were set before them, found he wasn't hungry for much of anything. "You wouldn't be the first to have trouble explaining me, dead or alive. Catch me in the right mood I might die on your doorstep just to make your life interesting."

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