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i, i drink all the time...

::i confess::

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evil german bastard.

telepathic, too!

oh, and i'm FICTIONAL!

i don't have "chi", i have "cha-cha-cha".

bored beaten senseless and requiring entertainment medical attention, as usual. it would be wonderful to see have other Schwarz on Phoenix around to protect..er.. join Schu in mischief; blow up some stuff, beat down some stuff, take over some stuff. call a doctor, call Fujimiya, call a cab, that kind of "stuff".

(OOC) After a moments careful consideration, {Climbing out the balcony, leaping up the walls, mind-making Youji order pizza and stealing it to feed to me...} Aya lifts the wok and brains Schu with it, a good one, resounding like a gong. 'You were easier to manage when you were stunned.'